Do you have a great breakfast recipe?

01.07.2009: happy yellow sunshine bowl by bookgrl.

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Headed into the last stretch of the MIP (manuscript in progress), which was called 100 Breakfasts and will be something else, though we don’t know what yet.   It will be out in January.  (Yay!) 

I’ve hit the stretch of the book when I’m not really doing anything but writing. For most of my process of writing a novel, I keep regular hours, write a regular number of pages, jog along at a nice, steady pace, taking the weekends off to rest and recharge.

At a certain point, right near the end, that all goes out the window, and I’m writing all day, every day, often going back in to tinker late at night.  The book world becomes my world and there’s really only enough of my brain to live in one world or the other, so the book wins.   I do try to eat very healthy foods and get walks and exercise in on most days, to be kind to my body housing the brain, and I get a regular massage about once a month, which really helps work out those neck kinks and shoulder freezes.

I’m having a blast with this story, the town, the backstory, everything.  I think you’re going to love it. 

Delicious recipes, though I need more.   Breakfast recipes, your favorites–if you send me something I can use, any kind of breakfast recipe, I’ll acknowledge you in the credits and send you a book of your choice.  Post to the comments, or email them to me directly.  (If you want credit, remember, I have to be able to contact you!)

April 18, 2009

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