Gardens and Rhubarb

You may not know that I blog regularly in several other places. One of them is at The Lipstick Chronicles, every other Friday (alternating with such luminaries as Joshilyn Jackson and Diane Chamberlain).  This morning, I have posted a story of my grandmother, a garden we grew, and my hatred of rhubarb.  Don’t miss the recipe for rhubarb pie in the comments.

I also blog regularly on random topics at my long-time blog, A Writer Afoot, where I write about travel, gardens, food, books, writing….pretty much everything.  Here is a recent post about the urban farm we’re putting the backyard this summer: An Organic Farm!

Also, I am aware of the slow speed of these pages. We’re working on it–seems to be a hosting issue.  Stay tuned.

March 11, 2011

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